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  • Alexandra Hillenbrand

You Are What You Love

Life is all about the highs and the lows. Although, you spend most of it in the middle ground - a neutral feeling of going through the motions. When Taylor Swift wrote the lyrics, "life is emotionally abusive," she wasn't kidding. Life can be exactly that. But, when I woke up this morning completely out of contact lenses, I told my sister I needed her to help me find my glasses. "You don't want to see the world, the world sucks," She told me.

"No. The world is beautiful," I said, "it's people that suck."

But I don't even think I meant that when I said it. The world is beautiful and people don't suck, at least the right people don't. So, I decided to lean into the concept that "You are What You Love." There is so much more to be grateful for than there is to feel sad about. I might need this reminder more than you do lol.

You Are What You Love

I love the people that make you feel heard and seen. When my younger sister drives me to a doctors appointment and tells me that she tolerates my company (which really means she loves me dearly), when my older sister buys me an Italian hot pink leather journal because she believes in me and my pursuit of writing, when my mom notices me zoning out across the table and asks me if I'm okay, when my dad tells me how proud he is of me for even the simplest thing.

I love the little things. When my dogs push my door open to wake me up and make me play with them, when somebody I don't text often sends me a funny video they think I would like, listening to the same song on repeat because the chorus scratches an itch in my brain, having a pen pal, picking out stationary, finding a ripe avocado, having someone bring me a glass of water.

I even love the sad things. When I feel like I'm really alone and at least I have a reason to be grateful for things I once had, when I make a mistake and dedicate myself to becoming a better version of myself, when I'm devastated about something but there's a song that knows what I'm going through better than I understand it.

You are what you love. If you don't put love into everything, even the mundane, everyday pieces of your life, then you will be lacking something very important. The joy of giving love and not getting in return isn't as devastating as not trying. Even better, the peace of loving someone and having them love you back exactly the same.

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