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  • Alexandra Hillenbrand

Things I Learned When I Was 22

  1. Loving yourself is the first step to real happiness

  2. Getting to know who you are takes commitment, time, and many breakdowns. But it's worth it.

  3. Life becomes so devoid of meaning when your main focus is impressing other people

  4. The right people will uplift you and inspire you to be better

  5. It's okay to not want to be miserable

  6. There are seasons of life for everyone and everything

  7. You won't be happy everyday but that doesn't mean you'll ever be that sad again

  8. Forgiveness is free, closure is not

  9. Sometimes you will look at your parents and just see a little kid who wants to be loved

  10. Crucifying yourself won't solve anything

  11. Some people will never understand you and that's not your problem

  12. The world is harsh and it's easy to become a product of its cruelty. Stay loving instead.

  13. Your good intentions can only go so far

  14. You'll lose people you thought were going to be in your life forever (and you'll survive)

  15. The only person who has to think your outfit looks cute is you

  16. Things that feel like the end of the world rarely are (but trust me, they'll feel it)

  17. One coffee a day is PLENTY you maniac, you.

  18. The only people you need are the ones who are in your corner

  19. Those who knew you as a child are so special. Those are common experiences you can never have with anyone else.

  20. It is better to take the high road than try to control the narrative

  21. Waiting for the other shoe to drop is a waste of your own time. Stay present in the moment, you'll never get this one again.

  22. No matter how much you grow, you'll still forget your contacts on an overnight trip

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