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  • Alexandra Hillenbrand

The Chop

Today I got a haircut. You might be like "okay, everybody gets their haircut like we don't care,". Well, if you say that, that means you don't get it. Because this lady just chopped off 4 inches, and that's a BIG, FAT, HAIRY deal. I just walked an emotional lap so don't worry, I'm totally calm right now. UNLESS YOU UNDERMINE MY HAIRCUT, then I might not be so chill.

With gritted teeth, I watched my hair stylist snip and cut my hair. It was the first time I ever felt so invested in a hair cut, because I knew that there was a point I was trying to prove with every inch that fell to the floor. That I was miraculously grown up and mature and also stunningly perfect (I think I can admit that all of that is a very big stretch, but definitely not the latter part).

This week was a big deal for me. I started this blog and can honestly say have never felt so mentally stimulated in my life (my sister had to laugh at this admittance due to the fact that I've only been at this for 3 days), but it was true. Even a week prior, I was applying to job after job and also watching show after show, wondering if anyone was even reading a singular application I submitted. Now, I am so full of glee and accomplishment as my friend's text me about how proud they are of me and how much fun they are having reading my writing.

My haircut has really nothing to do with this, but maybe it's just a culmination of all that I'm feeling. I have never felt like I was such an individual until now, even if you all are just reading what I have to say out of innate boredom and curiosity. No matter what, I love you all and hope your hair is happy and healthy!

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