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Random Recollections About TTPD

I Hate it Here

Thinking about how I told someone that I was going to be a teacher and they said, "You're doing good, and we're doing well." - Oh, the poets trapped in the body of finance guys.

This one's also really good for the people who maladaptive daydream instead of thinking about reality. I need to remember I can do that more often.

Love the phrase precocious child, cause I get to remember that I thought I was ahead of my time for reading novels at recess instead of speak. Nah babe, you were just anti-social.


I can only imagine Peter saying, "Hey! Life has been hard on me too." No, Peter, you don't understand what's she's saying. Come here, Taylor, I've got you.

Also, I wrote a three page essay about this song on NJTransit, with a thesis and everything. A lot of time on my hands, btw.

I Can Do it With a Broken Heart:

I like the beat.

Fake it til you make it, but she did it better than I ever could.

Me after crying in the mirror and then coming out to talk to customers.

Me after being in the crowd chanting "more".

Thank You Aimee:

The first few listens, I had to skip this one because it gave me second-hand embarrassment. Now, I realize that it's probably because Taylor and I share Taurus placements and have both never let go of anything ever.

Either way, I had to ask for an extra therapy session, so kudos to her.

Kind of funny.

Down Bad

2020 reference aside, yeah. I too have cried at the gym.

How Did it End:

This song makes me sick in the mofo head.

Put it on if I need to torture myself into being more depressed.

The Prophecy:

A initial skip turned into 'Is Taylor Swift omniscient?'

I've realized I love to avoid the reality that I could write a 31 installment series about my mental illness too. But never as good, never as good. ahhhhhh

So High School:

In the most elite way possible, I feel like I got to read a page out of her diary.

"You know how to ball, I know aristotle". Ate.


This one makes me too sad to listen to.

The Smallest Man who Ever Lived:

She said "You didn't measure up in any measure of a man", interpret that how you will (cackling).

Clara Bow:

Always an angel, never a god.

Name-dropping yourself is as iconic as it gets.

I Look in People's Windows:

The equivalent of cyber-lurking tbh. I get it, bae.

Fresh out the Slammer:

Funny as hell!

Beautiful too!

The Tortured Poets Department:

Taylor... you've never used a typewriter? I don't believe you, queen. Why are we lying?

Also, if I'm Taylor, it's like, that's my typewriter now.

So Long, London:

Cornelia Street times a million.

Kind of plays right off of "You're Losing Me," like a sequel if you will.


Actually, I need someone to explain this song to me still. It's about a child, but I'm still confused.


I had a plan to record my initial reaction to every song, which I forgot to do.

The only note I have it from this song, and it just says "What the hell?"

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