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pros and cons

I'm turning 23 this week. Usually, at this point of the year, I would be a ball of anxiety about turning another year older and aging out of the freedom of youth. I had gotten so used to viewing my birthday as a reflection of whether or not I was worth celebrating that I forgot the joy of trusting that all the right pieces would fall into place. I finally feel like I can take a deep breath and just bask in the excitement of the day. For fun, I decided to make a pros and cons list about me. Ding ding, it actually feels okay to admit my flaws just as much as my strengths. And it's a little fun to get to know me, isn't it?

Pros/Cons (because what's off about you is also what makes you loveable)

Cannot be trusted around shatterable/delicate glass items (try as I might, I just have clumsy hands)

Nurturing around delicate hearts

Will be absolutely certain about a fact or piece of advice but still say "I don't know for sure though?" at the end

Great at sharing (unless you're one of my sisters then f*ck you (but love you so much!)!)

Absolutely zero navigational skills

Would be very entertaining to be lost with (if not panicking)

Great listener

Bad at being listened too

Unintentionally funny



Overtly sappy

Not afraid to double text

Not afraid to double text

Nonsensical, frequent use of private story

Reads spoilers for movies, but religiously avoids them for books

Can read a room

Can read a room so much that I can't focus on my own feeling

Can untangle even the most avidly tangled jewelry

Awkward enough that it becomes charismatic

Except when it's just awkward (which is more applicable to teenage me)

Shy in a room full of peers, exuberant in a room full of strangers

Tries really hard

Tries too hard

Ruminates over mistakes

Brushes over accomplishments

Makes a fantastic cheeseboard

And an even better aperol spritz


But in a laugh with me not at me way

Really loves my birthday

Really afraid of disappointing and burdening other people

Spends all my money on clothes

Really the happiest I've ever been

Afraid of the past and of not knowing the future

Discovering that just because happiness didn't come today, doesn't mean it is gone from tomorrow

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