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  • Alexandra Hillenbrand

My Older Sister

My older sister, Christen, is probably the only reason I am still alive. I was almost locked in a random classroom by a janitor once, nearly ran over by a car several times, and have experienced several nervous breakdowns regarding academics. Every time, undoubtedly, the one person who was there to make sure I didn't get kidnapped, run over, or help me get an A in high school physics was Christen.

Today she turns 25, but I can still remember us being little girls and sharing a room. When we couldn't agree on the color of our walls, my parents' mediating skills lent to a compromise. The top half of the wall was strawberry pink and the bottom half was baby blue, separated by a thin white stripe the width of construction tape. Arguably, it was really cool. That was the first time that I think we realized it was our differences that made us so close.

We were both big readers and we used to stay up way past midnight reading books. She took a lot of her reading inspiration from me. After she stole my copy of The Hunger Games, she couldn't sleep for several nights. Serves her right for spoiling Percy Jackson for me! (Yes, Christen, I will never get over that).

Christen moved out of our bedroom when she entered 8th grade. It took me a year to figure out how to sleep without my big sister. I used to put my comforter around my shoulders and open her bedroom door. I would ask her if I could sleep there that night. Then, I would get comfortable on her floor, talk to her until she told me she needed to go to bed, and then I would fall asleep. For some reason, she never said no.

Anyway, I am proud of her and grateful that I have her as my older sister (but don't tell her I told you that). I need to throw in a compliment to Ryann so let's just say, hey Ry, you smell great today!

Happy birthday, Christen! I hope you don't sue me for using your name in my blog.

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