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  • Alexandra Hillenbrand

I'm Back

Okay so even after I told you all that I'd be posting on a consistent schedule, I didn't do that. Like totally that's my bad, I hope you can be forgiving of me. Like, I would totally say that I've been depressed and avoidant, but I don't even think that's true. I don't know what I've been, but I have needed a break of sorts to figure things out for myself. Over the last few days, I have definitely gotten that chance.

This realization started when I was telling my mom how excited I was to be home for the fall. "Let's go to target and get decorations for the house. I'll bake muffins and put up cobwebs. It will be so slay." She ignores this entire rambling and goes, "Do you think you should move to the basement?" Hey mom, we get it I'm totally a lot, but you better still take me to Target though.

Anyway, she's right. I've been avoiding a lot of the reality of being graduated from college. I've made small progress this week however. I got a job at my favorite clothing store as a stylist. I made plans to hang out with people I'm super excited to see. Basically, I've been trying to work past the negative and work toward the positive. As much as it has been working, it doesn't mean I have been perfect.

This blog in point. I have ignored it and consumed way too much media and cinema. Not very good, but honestly pretty entertaining. Today, when I say I am back, I mean it. Welcome to my Reputation Era, you have been served.

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