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  • Alexandra Hillenbrand

Hell is a Teenage Girl

I still classify myself as a 16 year old girl even though I’m 22. It’s just the age that I identify with, like I’m just a silly little girl who’s still growing up. Even though, by all classifications I am an actual adult. That should be scary for everyone to hear, I shouldn’t be allowed to be an adult. I literally just realized that honey mustard is simply mustard with honey added to it. But, it’s just so hard to move on from the security of being so young. I know I’m not old by any means, but 22 is just too real of an age for me. Although, Ms. Swift made me feel a lot better about it by writing “22”. She’s just too good to me.

Anyway, I'm on a girl’s trip right now. Bear in mind I’m writing this when I am two Aperol spritzes deep. You could call it a “college reunion” of sorts even though we graduated about a month ago which really shouldn’t classify as us having enough time to miss each other. But we’re sentimental people so it works. Basically, it has felt like we’re little girls again. You know that quote that says “we were girls together” and it's about your childhood friends? Well, in some ways my college friends and I were “girls” together, young adults if you will. It’s definitely the most bizarre feeling to know that we are still growing up and that we will be even more grown by the next time we see each other. I mean, jeez, I’ve already sprouted several gray hairs since they had last seen me.

I guess this post isn't as funny as it is reflective. I'm probably pmsing so let me live in my own dramatic flare of expressing my love for my friends. Today, we ate dinner on a private rooftop and took photos and Haleigh gave a few speeches to us about how much she loves us. Zoey ordered the "big fat" crab cake and we wondered why they felt the need to body shame the crabs. The sunset over the water as we laughed with each other, ate fresh seafood, and sipped on crafted cocktails. I am very content right now, as I am laying partially horizontal listening to "Slut me Out" while I am being called to go take a shot with everyone. So, I guess that's my cue to leave this post as it is. Feeling very peaceful right now, I hope everyone has that same friendship, happy glow around them right now. Have a great night!



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