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  • Alexandra Hillenbrand

Happy Things

New freckles, the color pink in any shade, smelling like espresso and hazelnut, when someone asks to play with my hair, the sliver of shade on my porch in the afternoon, cold and dewy morning grass, oversized pastel sweaters, when somebody asks me to help them with something, philosophical talks, binge watching Love Island with my sister, being right, the day that Pumpkin Spice comes back in season (August 30th, you're welcome), reading about love, writing about love, narrating my day for my friends via text, iced coffee with salted caramel cold foam, wild flowers, hydrangeas, planning outfits for places I want to go, Pinterest, dreaming about my future, rewatching The Bear Season 2 Episode 7 (When Love Story plays), feeling sentimental about something you miss because it was good, The Summer I Turned Pretty soundtrack,11 pm bedtimes, everything showers, coconut shampoo, graphic tees with silly puns, purple toothpaste, iceberg wedge salads, when my mom comes home from work, when my dad gets too intense about my mom's favorite soap opera, charcuterie boards and aperol spritzes, hugs, cotton candy sunsets, giggling, 70s fashion, Emma Chamberlain's videos, Taylor Swift's album 1989, being alive :)

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