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  • Alexandra Hillenbrand

gratitude journal

  • hand-stuffed blue cheese Castelvetrano olives (by yours truly)

  • Ariana Grande's Eternal Sunshine album

  • my friends (who are very wonderful)

  • my parents (who are very adorable)

  • my sisters (who smell like beef) (kidding) (I'm not.)

  • Pre-made pie dough which helped me last minute slay Pi Day

  • The luck of the Irish (almost got run over on my walk, but didn't).

  • NYT Connections (even when you make it hard to love you)

  • Well-done graphic design

  • Amtrak leg room

  • Zoloft

  • Old Navy basics

  • Jessica Day, Nick Miller, Schmidt, Cece, Winston Bishop, and Coach (when he's there).

  • Rick Riordan's magical brain

  • Spring days that are 65 degrees


  • Sabrina Carpenter's makeup routine

  • Lavender anything

  • Red Curry

  • Tiramasu

  • White blouses

  • Time healing all wounds (partially)

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