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  • Alexandra Hillenbrand

Delulu Girl Starts a Podcast

At this point, you are all well aware that I am absolutely starved for attention. Or job security. Whichever one comes first. Anyway, whilst figuring out how to possibly achieve both, I was given a brilliant idea. As if the world needed more people with opinions, I'm adding to Spotify's population of people who think they're funny. I'm here to answer everyone's prayers. I'm starting a podcast.

I can hear it now. Alex, why would we listen to your podcast when you already have a blog? Well, the answer's simple. I've been told I have a very soothing voice, and I very clearly took that to heart. One person who told me that was in fact my mom, but the other was a professor with no obligation to say so. So, there's no other option than for it to be true. Duh!

Also! The podcast is different from the blog. Why? Because I said so. Also because you get to hear the wonderful inflection of my very soothing voice. Furthermore, the topics will be different, jucier, more delulu, of course. I will even be able to go more in detail for stories that I have previously written about. This should be very exciting news for all of you! You get to spend even more time with me than you ever thought you could (and probably ever wanted to).

Other than the fact that my voice is so buttery smooth that it barely emits sound waves, I also like to think I have a unique and interesting perspective on everything. Sure, everyone says that, but not everyone means it. There's very real potential that I am once again being delulu. And you now what? Delulu rights for everyone!

So, be a dear and listen to the podcast. It's on Spotify under CollegetoCouch. If you hate it, I don't want to hear about it. If you love it, you know where to find me. First episode is rightfully titled, "Delulu Girl Starts a Podcast".

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