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City Shenanigans

I'm a mother-trucking city girl. At least, that's how I feel after I spent approximately 3 hours in the city yesterday. Guys, it was so hot that I genuinely thought my skin was going to melt off and slide down the subway grates. Graphic description aside, I got to hang out with my besties Lydia, Halle, and La yesterday. We all picked up Paulina from the airport (she's from Cali), and it was the best feeling to be all together again. Don't let Halle see this, she cringes when I get sappy.

With Paul (you can only call her Paul if she grants your permission first) back on the East Coast, we did the necessities first: we got Dunkin. Then, we ran for a train that we had no chance of making, and we broke the first of many sweats of the night. By God's blessings, the train was delayed and we made it on even after taking a few breaks to catch our breaths. We got to our reservation just in time for happy hour, and ate our food fast since we had already exerted ourself so intensely.

Post dinner, we accidentally turned a 5 minute walk into 15 minutes, which in the humidity we were in was analogous as to how a human's age equates to dog years. It basically felt like 7 years. Poor Paulina was dragging her suitcase down the New York City Streets like a boss. When we finally went to say goodbye, I didn't even dare touch her. Absolutely nobody needed to be within 1 foot of each other in the heavy and suffocating air.

We all went back to Jersey except Paulina, and La took us to the local bar in her hometown. Lydia and I ordered both ordered mixed drinks, and we watched as the bartender had a five second poor. Very heavy handed, the first sip felt like bleach had coated my esophagus. But we're brave soldiers so we managed to make it work.

I was asked to play darts and I had never ever played before. Lydia was my partner, and I think we were both prepared to get absolutely crushed. I can't even exaggerate when I say that Lydia and I were a dream team. We had a strong lead, landing dart after dart on the board in the right spot (even if I had no idea where I was supposed to be aiming). We almost won, but we were defeated when faced with landing the bullseye. It was a valiant effort. One more round and I swear we would have won.

I won't name names, but when we got bagels and Dunkin this morning, an individual got pulled over. The police officer followed us into the Dunkin parking lot, and we all were like "are we getting pulled over right now?". He announced to us his body camera was on, and I was like okay let me plug my blog really quickly. We think he just thought we were cute. Like, no big deal, officer, if you wanted our phone numbers you could have just said that.

Tomorrow, we are celebrating Paul's 21st birthday, and I couldn't be more excited. I get to hang out with everybody again, and I am even more excited to see ZOEY! Get ready New York, time to howl at the moon!

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