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Drum roll please....

I got a job! I'm working as a stylist at Free People which means two things. I finally have a reason to leave my house and I have a fantastic discount. So basically I am moving up in the world. A.k.a. I have a reason to get dressed everyday and actually look cute. Super exciting!

I have been super busy within the last two weeks. I think I kind of had a come to Jesus moment where I decided to actually get serious about a lot of things. Not just having revelations and ideas about what I want to do, but actually putting a course of action into accomplishing tasks. That means applying to jobs until my retinas bled, forcing myself to drive, planning dinners for my family without relying on guidance, and making more responsible choices. Crazy, I know.

At some points, I think I had been using this blog as a makeshift crutch to excuse the fact that I wasn't up to anything else. The truth is, that was not the reason I started it. I wanted to have a creative outlet while figure out my life. A source of documentation as I journey into true adulthood, a way to share my experiences (whether terrible or exciting) with anyone who cares.

Here are some things that have happened since I last posted (it's been over a week, which makes me sad). I thought I fell in love on the train but upon telling the story to everyone it turns out I am just very inventive. I started working and I really love the routine of it. I saw my first orange leaves of the season. I discovered that Silver Springs is the best song to run to when you are mad about something. I made a bomb pasta salad with burrata and prosciutto. I bought a hair bow. I've done two loads of laundry and completely reorganized my room (just to have it look like a pigsty because I had to get dressed yesterday).

Other things that haven't changed. I do the crossword everyday. I get coffee with Ryann and annoy her while she works in the kitchen. I go on my walks. I listen to Taylor Swift. I overthink and overanalyze. I have eggs for breakfast. I loose my airpods and then I find them. So, yeah, nothing has really changed. Except maybe my attitude. But, that's probably for the best.

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