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  • Alexandra Hillenbrand

Bad Luck (of my own doing)

Last night I went to bed with a perfectly intact tattoo that I had gotten on the boardwalk. Well, nearly perfect, there were definitely already a few smudges from fidgeting and my lack of spatial awareness, but still it was nowhere near a blob. I slept with a sweatshirt on, and due to being a relatively sweaty sleeper, I woke up with my nerdy little tattoo turned into a completely unreadable image.

It was supposed to be a tattoo of a book. It took me 30 minutes to decide what it was that I wanted, and when I finally did I sheepishly asked "can I get a book?". It felt like a weird thing to want, like did I really think that a book was objectively the best thing I could get placed on my body? It wasn't until I heard my sister explain my choice to the 'tattoo artist, that I felt my embarrassment dissipate. "She's a writer", she said, and suddenly it was a very cool thing to get. Like hell yeah, I'm getting a book. I'm a nerd, sue me.

Christen got a wishbone (that she slept on and ended up imprinting onto her face) and Ryann got edelweiss, a flower, which my mom ended up accidentally smearing all over her hand, and hers still ended up looking the best (damn you, RyRy).

All in all, the smudged tattoo doesn't bother me at all. Some people might have woken up and googled "how do I get Henna off of my body?", but I'm not some people. Unlike most things, this I decided to be totally chill about. My first instinct was to smile and be like "oh yeah, that totally fits my vibe more than a book". A blob of ink: a little messy, bold, and hilarious.

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