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College To Couch:
A Non-Aesthetic Blog

A Warm Welcome

Imagine the ice cold splash of reality that comes from leaving my beautifully colorful life of unhinged freedom in college to moving back home with my parents. The juxtaposition of all of my cheugy dorm room decor that I "had to have" against the previously untouched confines of my childhood bedroom. Surprise, a poster about drinking doesn't pair well with my Winnie the Poo doll staring at it in utter disappointment.  Spending my days applying to jobs that require two years of experience, knowing a hiring manager somewhere is out there violently laughing at my meager attempt to join the ranks of the employed. Wondering how many days are acceptable to wear the same pair of sweatpants before my sister burns them when I'm asleep. If you've recently found yourself living this life, or are just easily entertained by other people's struggles, then this is the place for you. 

-Alex Hillenbrand

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